Rajaji National Park Online Safari Booking

Zones The Rajaji park is divided into several zones, including Chilla, Motichur, and Chilawali. Each zone offers different experiences and wildlife sightings.
Core Zone - Chilla, Motichur, Chillawali INR 3900 / Jeep (1 to 3 Persons ) | INR 4500 / Jeep (4 to 6 Persons) | Foreigner Price- INR 7000 / Jeep (1 to 3 Persons ) | INR 8600 / Jeep ( 4 to 6 Persons )
Buffer Zone - jhilmil Price INR 5200 / Jeep (1 to 3 Persons ) | INR 5800/ Jeep ( 4 to 6 Persons ) |INR 10000 / Jeep (Foreigner) (1 to 3 Persons ) | INR 10600/ Jeep (Foreigner) ( 4 to 6 Persons )
Safari Timing In the morning B/W (6:00 AM to 9:00 AM) and in the afternoon B/W (3:00 PM to 6:00 PM). Timings may vary slightly, so check in advance. | Safari Duration 2 Hours
Inclusions Permission of RTR, Jeep, Driver, Permit and All Entries & Taxes.
On a Single Permit either maximum of 6 adults and 2 child upto 5 years) OR maximum of 1 adult and 5 children (below 12 years) can visit. Entry permit belonging to you is not transferrable
Ensure you book your safari in advance, especially during peak seasons, as the number of vehicles allowed inside the park is limited.
* Pick & drop is not included from hotels.
* Guide is optional if you want then guide Fee to be paid by the guest on the spot directly.
The best way to ensure you have an amazing time observing wildlife at Rajaji National Park is to make your reservations before your visit. This can be done easily with online safari booking. However, since the best time to visit is from October to June and there are limited entries per zone, pre-booking is advised to avoid disappointment, especially in peak season. The per-day carrying capacity per zone is as follows:

Rajaji Jeep Safari Booking

Rajaji Online Safari Booking

Rajaji National Park is located at a pristine location in the foothills of the Shiwalik in Haridwar District. Jeep Safari in Rajaji National Park is the most fascinating activity to engage in. Jeep safaris are operated twice everyday, once in the morning and once in the evening, for about 2 hours each shift. The safari takes place inside the park in open jeeps, where visitors can navigate through rough terrain on unpaved trails. There are 5 different safari zones in Rajaji National Park, namely - Chilla Zone, Motichur Zone, Chaurasi Kutiya Zone, Jhilmil Zone, and Haridwar Zone. While the Chilla, Motichur and Haridwar are categorised under the Core Zone, the Buffer Zone encloses the Jhilmil and Chaurasi Kutiya. In order to secure a jeep safari, online booking in advance for the same is rendered necessary. Jeeps are almost equally allocated in all the zones and so does the wildlife population.

Please note that tiger sightings cannot be guaranteed during the jeep safari at Rajaji National Park. It is entirely a matter of luck. However, abiding by the instructions imparted by the guide and the driver, wildlife spotting can become more interesting. Kindly, do not force or influence the driver to divert the jeep route or request to stay beyond the stipulated safari duration. Before entering the park premises, it's crucial to obtain permission and tickets from the forest department.

Safari Zones of Rajaji National Park

Chilla Zone- Exploration of the Chilla Zone in Rajaji National Park offers visitors an eco-conscious adventure through a captivating jeep safari guided by local experts. Covering a distance of 36 km, this safari is renowned as the most sought-after excursion within the park. Along the route, adventurers can delve into the rich biodiversity of the region while admiring the stunning landscapes of Mundal, Mithawali, and Khara. The safari traces through dense sal forests and expansive Chaur plains, showcasing a harmonious blend of habitats. With a duration of approximately 2 and a half hours, the safari provides ample opportunities to witness the park's diverse wildlife, including Asian Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Spotted deer, Sambhar, Langoor, Barking deer, and Jungle cats. Moreover, bird enthusiasts can rejoice in sightings of Pied and Great Hornbills, adding to the allure of this nature-filled experience. Along the way, visitors can also explore the Interpretation Centre-Cum-Library, enriching their understanding of the park's ecological significance.

Motichur Zone- Another renowned entry point to Rajaji National Park is the Motichur Safari Zone, attracting visitors with its remarkable Sal Forest. Spanning approximately 25 km, the safari route offers a mesmerizing journey through dense forest. The abundance of Sal trees provides a habitat for a diverse range of wildlife species, with elephants being a common sight in the Motichur area. As visitors traverse the forest through jeeps, they may also encounter Woodpeckers, Hornbills and Barbets relishing the resources of the forest and contributing to the area's vibrant biodiversity.

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Jhilmil Zone- The Jhilmil Jheel Safari offers a unique and delightful experience, serving as the buffer zone of Rajaji National Park within the Haridwar Forest Division. Spanning approximately 30 km, this safari treats tourists to a scenic drive through a combination of forests and the serene waters of the Ganges River. Along the route, visitors encounter expansive Patera grasslands, which are frequented by Swamp Deer, Spotted Deer, Sambhar, and Wild Boar. The southern part of Chilla boasts a marshy grassland that serves as a conservation reserve for Swamp Deer. Jhilmil Lake is renowned for sightings of Leopard and Elephant, adding to the safari's allure. The area is also a haven for birdwatchers, from November to March offering prime opportunities to observe migratory birds alongside resident species.

Chillawali / Mohand Zone- The Chillawali Safari Zone is popularly known as the Mohand Range. This zone is located approx 20 km from Dehradun on the Delhi-Dehradun National Highway 72A. The track length of the Mohand Safari Zone stretches from 30 km - 36 km. The forested hills of this zone facilitate the sight of leopards, sambar deer, barking deer, Himalayan black bears, langurs, wild boar and many more. It is a significant region of Rajaji Tiger Reserve and also houses a variety of avian species, namely, Himalayan monal, grey partridge, black francolin, etc

Important Information Regarding Rajaji Jeep Safari

  • Jeep safari and zone are provided based on availability.
  • Jeep safari amount is non-refundable /transferable and cancellable, once the safari voucher is issued.
  • In case your safari is not booked due to reasons like technical error or non-availability of seat, we will refund the whole amount in your given bank account. The same would be communicated accordingly.
  • Officially registered guides can only join your excursions; please do not try to change the guide or naturalist
  • A maximum of 6 adults and 2 children are allowed in one jeep or 1 adult and 6 children below 12 years.
  • Valid mobile numbers are required for e-verification in case coming in groups.
  • ID Cards issued by school or college principals are mandatory to show for students.
  • Government-issued authentic age proof is required for senior citizens of 60 years and above.
  • For physically challenged individuals, a CMO/ID card issued by Samaj Kalyan Vibhag of Uttarakhand needs to be produced.
  • Rajaji is open for tourists from 15th November to 15th June and closed from 16th June to 14th November.
  • For physically challenged individuals, a CMO/ID card issued by Samaj Kalyan Vibhag of Uttarakhand needs to be produced.
  • Visitors are required to obtain entry permits that are being issued online (by producing the above-mentioned documents)
  • The entry permit belonging to you is not transferrable.
  • Official registered guides can only join your excursions, please do not try to change the guide or naturalist.
  • Entry to the National Park is strictly prohibited after the stipulated time.
  • While doing a jeep safari do not get down from the vehicle, it is not allowed.
  • Avoid carrying pets while you are on a holiday tour as no pets can be taken inside the Rajaji National Park.

Safari Tips for Rajaji National Park

Book Safari in Advance: Advance booking of jeep safaris in Rajaji National Park is crucial to secure the safari in advance. This helps to avoid the last-minute non-availability of jeeps.

Know the Right Season: Learn about the optimal time or season to visit Rajaji National Park. Winters are the most comfortable season to embark on a safari. However, the summer months from March to June escalate the chances of wildlife sightings.

Strictly Follow the Rules: There are a set of rules and regulations that have to be mandatorily followed by visitors while on a jeep safari inside the zones of Rajaji. The rules are implemented to ensure visitors' safety and maintain the forest's decorum.

Maintain Silence: Making any kind of noise is strictly prohibited inside the forest. Any unwanted noise disturbs the serene ambience of the forest, which is unsuitable for the animals.

Dress Appropriately: Venturing inside the forest during a safari requires comfortable dressing. Also, the colour of the apparel has to be considered. Light and earthy tones are recommended to camouflage with the forest region during safari.

Carry Cameras and Binoculars: Carry binoculars to get distant views. Binoculars also help to catch a glimpse of the slightest activity happening at a distance. Cameras are the best option to capture the wild moments on the safari. However, remember to turn off the flash while clicking pictures.

Abide by the Guide’s Instructions: Pay attention to the instructions given by the guide. Doing so will ensure a better opportunity for wildlife viewing, simultaneously maintaining all the safety measures.

Advance Booking Procedure of Rajaji National Park Safari

  • The full name, age, and sex of each visitor as printed on the identity cards to be provided along with the confirmatory amount.
  • Preferred travelling date & Safari timing (Morning/Afternoon).
  • Specific ID card number of your (Voter ID, Aaadhar No, Driving license No, etc).
  • Safari Entry fee paid in advance.
  • Jeep Safari & Canter Safari amounts are non-refundable.
  • Please carry the same ID card submitted during the online booking.
  • Passport details are mandatory for making reservations for foreign tourists.
  • In case your safari is not booked due to reasons like technical error or non-availability of seat, we will refund the whole amount in your given bank account. The same would be communicated accordingly.