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The Rajaji National Park got the largest Shivalik Eco-system, It is 10 million year old. It's fossils fauna include about 50 species of elephant, one of them is present today. More...
Experiencing Wildlife in the Rajaji National Park is unforgettable. Stay at Camp King Elephant/ Forest Rest House More...
Study of Rajaji National Park

This section is for scientist as well as persons who want to study myriad of information about Rajaji National Park's Flora and Fauna, We along with many scientist belonging to WWF and BNHS run several programs to conduct study specially on Asiatic Tusker Elephant, but study is not just confined to Elephas maximus spp but cover whole diversified Flora as well as Fauna available in Rajaji National Park.

Scope of Study Rajaji National Park
  Area Statement of Rajaji National Park More
  Water Resources in Rajaji National Park More
  List of Mammals in Rajaji National Park More
  List of Bird in Rajaji National Park More
  List of Reptiles in Rajaji National Park More
  List of Flora in Rajaji National Park More

Water Resources in Rajaji National Park
Range Name of the Water Source - River/Rau/Stream/ Ponds/Wells etc. Block & C.No. Is water available thought-out the year If not upto which Month
1 Motichur 1. Suswa River Suswa C. No. 3, 4b, 6 & 7 Yes -
2. Song River Suswa C. No. 4b, 5,6,7 Yes -
3. Ganga River Raiwala C.No. 2,6a,6b,6c Yes -
4. Motichur Rau Motichur C.No.4c Yes -
5. Jhohar (Pond) - - May
6. Natural Water Source     No.1 Koelpura C.No.7,8 & 10 Yes -
7. Natural Water Source     No.2 Jamunkhata C.No. 4 Yes -
2 Kansrau 1. Amsot Rau Amsot C.No.11 No April
2. Dharewala Rau Amsot C.No.12 No -
3. Pilkhan Sot Amsot C.No.10 & 11 No April
4. Malawa Sot Bahera C.No.9 No April
5. 12 Futa Nala Bahera C.No.2,3,& 4 No April
6. Suswa River Baher C.No.1 & 2 Yes Only During Rain's
7. Natural Water Source Jhaberawala C.No 7C Yes -
8. Kansrau River Banaha C.No 4 - -
9. (Railway Stationwala Nala) Suswa C.No.1 & 2 No -
10. Kansrau River Bahera C.No.5 No -
11. Machanwala Nala Banaha C.No. 4 - April
12. Natural Water Source(Tankiwala Nala) Bahera C.No. 6, 7, 13, 14 Yes -
13. Natural Water Source Banwaha C.No.4 - -
14. Aamwali Pulia Nala Bahera C.No. 3, 7, 16 - -
15. Natural Water Source Banbaha C.No. 4 Yes -
16. Natural Water Source Koelpura C.No 2 - -
Artificial Water Resources
A - Gujjar's Well
B - Gujjar's Well
C - Water Holes
Please note that we do not take any responsibility about the veracity of this data, Please corroborate it with official data.

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