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The Rajaji National Park got the largest Shivalik Eco-system, It is 10 million year old. It's fossils fauna include about 50 species of elephant, one of them is present today. More...
Experiencing Wildlife in the Rajaji National Park is unforgettable. Stay at Camp King Elephant/ Forest Rest House More...
NEWS About Rajaji National Park

Kindly find the News updates gleaned from various sources, We thank all the resources for putting endeavor to give latest happening in Rajaji National Park.

Elephant murdered brutally for tusks new

Dec 2009
Latest shocking NEWS came from Mohand area where poachers had murdered one adult male Tusker elephant for tusks and savagely snatched the tusks from jaws.

Rajaji National Park is OPEN now for visitors

Nov. 2009
Rajaji National Park is open now and on first day 84 Indian and 6 Foreigners had enjoyed the visit.

Rajaji National Park is closed for visitors

June 2009
Rajaji National Park is closed now and It'll reopen in November 15, 2009.

Casual Apparoach: The officials of Rajaji National Park threw the corpse of elephant in open jungle
Monday, Jun 15, 2009, Amar Ujala
What can be expected from general public in manitaining the sanctity of Rajaji National Park, while on the order of Director of Rajaji National Park, body of a dead elephant was thrown in the open Jungle, against all laws. This can be hazardous for other wild animals. More .
NEWS update :Over 150 expensive trees' stubs were found inside Rajaji National Park
Monday, Jun 8, 2009, Amar Ujala
This is a great shoking incidence of negligence and larcency, more than 150 tree stubs were found in the Motichur range of Rajaji National Park More .
Development: Rajaji National Park
Tuesday, Nov 18, 2008, Amar Ujala
Rajaji National Park to develop roads for Neelkanth as well as other prominent Temples, situated inside the Rajaji National Park More .
Elephants Fight: Battle for dominance
Tuesday, Nov 18, 2008, Amar Ujala
There is shocking instance of death of a male elephant during elephant s fight inside Jim Corbett National Park, As per latest census of elephants there are 400 tusker elephants in Rajaji National Park (But Thank God! no Elephant Fight is reported till date in RNP) More .
Celebration: Rajaji National Park
November 2008
Rajaji National Park is commemorating it's 25th year of foundation.
Jim corbett and RNP Forest Guards on Strike
November 2008
After opening of Rajaji National Park, visitors returned disappointed as, there is a tiff between park guards and govt. officials over wages issues and promotions, same is true for Jim Corbett National Park as Guards have locked up the entry Gates of these National Parks, as per govt. sources, an amicable solution will be achieved soon. 
Rajaji National Park is Open Now
November 2008
Rajaji National Park is open now.

Torurist's Herald in Asan Barrage
November 2007
Tourists are now coming visitng the man made wetland in Dehradun district, famous for migratory birds, and most dominant attarctions are migratory birds from Siberia.

Rajaji National Park is Open for All visitors
November 2007
Rajaji National Park's Gate are now opened. Annualy it is closed from 15 June till 15 Nov. every year.

Arundhati Died on 02.10.2007
October 2007
She was suffering from acute pain due to multiple factures died on 02/10/2007, though people are dubious yet Rajaji National Park officials claim that death is Natural not via Euthansia).

Rajaji National Park is closed for visitors

June 2007
Rajaji National Park is closed now and It'll reopen in November 15, 2007.

'Development projects not wildlife-friendly'

Friday, Apr 21, 2006, The Hindu
Development projects in Uttaranchal are not wildlife friendly and are especially causing harm to elephant population of the State, environmentalists claim. According to official figures, 90 elephants have been killed in the last five years alone, which was nearly 20 per cent of the State's pachyderm population. More

Five tiger deaths in Uttaranchal in two months

Thursday, March 23, 2006 10:20:44 am IANS
A spate of tiger deaths at the Corbett National Park and the adjoining Rajaji National Park in Uttaranchal has raised concerns among wildlife experts.More

Dead elephant points to jumbo crisis at Rajaji

Times Of India, Delhi Edition, March, 29, 2006, Page 12
Rishikesh: With the discovery of farmers having killed and buried an elephant in the Badkot forest range on Sunday, another sad chapter has unfolded in the increasing human-elephant conflict close to the Rajaji National Park area.

Gujjar Relocation

Rajaji National Park , Dehradun
Gujjar relocation project submitted by Director, Rajaji National Park has been sanctioned by Director, Project Elephant, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. The project seeks to shift 660 families of Gujjars presently living in Rajaji National Park and settle them at Pathri and Gendikhatta in reserve forests of neighboring Haridwar Forest Division

A Good Initiative

Rajaji National Park , Dehradun
Motivated by the requests of Park Management, the villagers of Goharimafi village near Motichur range have now come forward to contribute their mite to the management of Rajaji National Park. A new Eco Development Committee has been formed in the village.


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There should be greater participation from local inhabitants about development as well as safety of wildlife and flora in the region.


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